Jille Bartolome, MCC

Jille has been called “The Velvet Hammer” by her colleagues and clients because of her soft, unassuming presence and her ability to hit the nail on the head with her edgy, confident questions that propel her clients and students forward.

Jille’s Strength as a coach and a speaker is in her own inner wisdom from her own life experiences and her ability to guide others to tap into theirs. Jille is thoughtful and authentic with a great sense of humor. She cares for her clients at a very deep level and provides support and inspiration through her wisdom and intuitive abilities.

After working with her private coaching clients for thousands of hours, Jille has discovered that while successful people definitely have many things in common, what is more important, is that each person has an understanding about themselves at a deep level and that when their unique strengths are applied with confidence and belief, there is no limit on the peace, prosperity and quality of life that one can create.

“My mission is to guide others to listen to the wisdom that is within them and to then go boldly confidently towards their dreams. That is why I created Life School and Coach School. To guide participants to living their authentic truth and provide a platform to share that ability."

Before becoming a Coach, Jille was the owner and founder of an Executive and High-Tech Placement Firm. Her experience also includes Career Advising and Corporate Management. It seemed only natural for Jille to combine these experiences and skills with her gift in guiding others to help themselves so in 1996 she began her coaching practice. Since then, people all over the world have benefited from her "I coach, you win" approach.

Jille has earned a solid reputation as strategic coaching partner.

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